Andrea G Design is a nice fashion brand created by the very talented Andrea Gruvmalm, inspired by her grandmother who teached her the traditional Swedish techniques and designs. Behind the fashion designer, there is also a woman very involved into charity ...

Andrea G & Vaggan

" In Lithuania and Latvia thousands of children are born each year with severe disabilities. Many are left behind already as toddlers. Vaggan is an organization striving to give as many of these children as they can a better life and a future. So we have visited the orphanage and played with the children and discussed how to best help. There are many children suffering from severe neurological handicaps, and as a part of their rehabilitation process they partake in color therapy. The resulting art pieces will be used as motifs printed on a small collection of men’s and women’s tees. The project is funded by Beyond Research, and all proceeds will be going directly to the Vaggan foundation.

A share of the profits from the dress collection will also benefit the Vaggan orphanages, and help renovate and refurbish the second Vaggan orphanage in Latvia. "

Check out the interview of the amazing Andrea :


Your first name, age, occupation

Andrea Gruvmalm, 33 years old, live together with the men in my life Christoffer

Your favorite designers ?

Swedish: Acne
French: Coco Chanel
Italian: Roberto Cavalli

Your favorite pieces in your collection ?

Mad Men Mint Green and New York Chique Coral Red

Your inspirations ?

People and places that affects me

How do you define your universe ?

Foul of love, challenges and happiness

What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your own design ?

It has been a dream since I was a child, my grandmothers introduced me to the wonderful world of fashion

Describe your style

I like the combination of new meets old and supertrendy meets vintage. I should say Boho-Chic.

What are you most excited to wear this season ?

Long dresses in different colors  

One thing you couldn't live without ?

Coffee and Love 

Favorite celebrity fashion icon ?

Everything from the TV-show Mad Men

Favorite part about being a fashion designer ?

Everything is possible 

What are other activities you enjoy doing besides designing (art, music, etc)? 

All kind of exercise: running, power walking, diving. Another passion of mine is travelling

Thank you to Andrea for her time and talent, check the shop HERE !