Fashion by C is an edgy and trendy swedish brand created by the lovely Camilla Rendehed and Magnus Johansson. Passionate of shoes and design since their childhood, Camilla and Magnus work with high quality materials like genuine, studs, and many mix of fabric to create various styles.

After few exciting collaboration and a lot of requests, Fashion by C has now an english shop and deliver all over the world. Our favorite pieces are the studded slippers which are incredibly comfy and trendy, can be worn with jeans or even a dress !

"  Our shoes are suitable for all occasions and the idea behind them is that a pair of shoes should fit for several different occasions. Our shoes and brand aimed at young women who love design and want to follow the latest trends but also business women who are more classic and like different details. "

Check out the interview of Camilla !


Your first name, age, occupation

Camilla Randehed, 24, Entrepreneur and designer

Your favorite designers?

Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs.

Your favorite pieces in your collection?

Rivetboot and the crochet boots. But actually I love all of them. It’s depending on the situation. For the everyday shoes I'm wearing boots and flat, in the evenings I enjoy wearing high heels.



Your inspirations?

From magazines, people I see, blogs etc. I also get a lot of inspiration from artists and old icons. I travel a lot in my work and I always get inspirations from my trips.

How to define your universe?

It’s a creative chaos. The tempo is really high but I love it. I don’t like when things happening slow.

Favorite materials ?

Leather and suede. I just love the smell of leather. The best feeling is when you open a box with a brand new leather shoes.



What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your  own design?

I love fashion and I think that we don't have so many Swedish shoe brands. Most of the designers in Sweden starts with clothes brands. I also wanted to show people that you can design Fashion shoes in a good quality to a good price and it doesn't need to be mass-produced. 

Describe your style

Fashion with a touch of rock. It depends on the occasion. If I have an important meeting I prefer a simple dress with a blazer. During the winter I wear a lot of black clothes and during the summer lighter colours and more bohem chic.

What are you most excited to wear this season ?

Crochet boots and crochet clothes. I also love to wear pants with strong colours like yellow and green.


You'd never be caught dead wearing ... ?

Actually, I could wear everything if it's Fashion and if I think it fits my style. I've learned that you should never say never. Something that you think is awful today can be good looking next season. The most important is to find your own style and don't wear clothes just because it's a trend. All trends doesn't fit all people. 

One thing you couldn't live without ?

My Ipone. It’s a big part of my life.

Favorite celebrity fashion icon ?

I have to be say Rachel Zoe. She have her own style even if she is following trends. Everything she wears feels like her style.



Favorite part about being a fashion designer ?

Actually I don't just see myself as a designer, I see myself more as an entrepreneur. To design shoes is one of my favorite parts of my job but it's so much more than that. I'm building a brand and it's wonderful to see how it's growing each day. My favorite part is that I'm setting trends. To be able to influence what people will wear the next season is wonderful.

What are other activities you enjoy doing besides designing (art,  music, etc )

I don't have so many interests beyond my work. The first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is my business and the last thing I think of before I go to bed. Being an entrepreneur of a Fashion brand it's a lifestyle and I love every part of it. I also enjoy travelling and most of my trips is during my work. To see new places and meet new people is the best thing I know except of working with my brand.

For a touch of studs and rock in your dressing, check the shop here :

Thanks to Camilla for her time and kindness.


Shoes : FashionbyC

Clothes : Flaunt - Inlovewithfashion