Getting to know Andre Judd - Fashion Inspirer


Searching through while trying to find some new inspiration on men’s fashion, I unavoidably came across stylist and designer, Andre Judd. I was taking back by Andre's extreme individualism and beautifully peculiar looks. As I gasped through every one of his whimsical outfits I thought to myself I have got to share this fashion phenomenon with all our readers. So… here it is! gives you some insight on this week’s fashion inspirer you should know about.

Where do you get your style inspirations from?

 AJ- From almost anything. I don't limit myself:) 

Describe your style in 3 words..

 AJ- post-modern, avant-garde, irreverent

Where do you normally buy your clothes?

 AJ- Bulk of my clothes come from current season collections of local designers. I also get from vintage stores. Sometimes I go to designer sales and retail stores. CUSTODIO. He is an amazing accessories designer. Most of the stuff I wear I get it from him.

Style tips/secrets..

 AJ- Always have an amazing pair of shoes. You can tell a lot about someone judging by their choice in footwear. 

The best accessory for any occasion is confidence. 

Can you walk us through a typical day in the life of Andre J?

 AJ- Nothing is quite typical in my day because my schedule varies depending on the projects I take. But usually when I am styling a shoot I spend my afternoons, sourcing for products, new items on display at designer show rooms and meeting up with designers. 

In my down time I like to say at home and chill. Sometimes I head out to dinner and watch a good movie with my closest friends. 

You have 361 exquisite looks on lookbook, if you had to choose just one which one would it be?

 AJ- Every new look I post is a current favorite of mine. So choosing one would be impossible as it gets superseded by a new look the day after. 

Have you styled any celebs or well known artists?

 AJ- I’ve styled local celebs here in my country. But I’d love to style an international artist in the near future. 

Are you considering your designing career more in depth or are you keeping it as a hobbie?

 AJ- Being a designer is inherent to my work as a stylist so it’s not only a hobby its part of my job. 

Tell me a little (or a lot) about yourself

 AJ- Im quite reserved and shy. but being in the fashion industry, I learned how to be flexible and permit myself to be more sociable. As much as people think that I like to go out and party a lot, the truth is I'm a homebody:) I like being a couch potato if my time permits me. Nothing beats doing nothing all day but just to sleep, eat and watch tv all day. haha. Travelling is hugely important to me so if I can visit a new place be it a country or one of the many islands of the Philippines, more than once in a given a year, that for me is a very big thing. 


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By: Erika Collado