What's with the Haer Brain Schemes?




INSPIRER.nu was honored to be able to hold an interview with Pittsburg, PA native Terril, 20,  owner of clothing line Haer Brain Schemes (HBS). He is making his way to the top by expressing his love for art through his designs. Make sure you check out the designs from this article along with more of his creations and updates on his website: http://haerbrainblog.com/


 Where do you currently live? I live in Orlando, Florida at the moment. At the moment... That means you're planning on moving. Am I right? I want to see the world. Are you planning on sharing your creations with the world as well? Yeah, most of my profits come through online sales from California, New York, and lately Canada and the U.K. have been pouring in. Is UK the only country out of the US buying your stuff so far? I always say U.K. talking about everything around Europe. Like some dude bought a few shirts two weeks ago from Scotland.

Speaking of your shirts and designs, that makes me think of the name of your clothing line. What does Haer Brain Schemes mean? Haer Brain Schemes stands for an alternate way of thinking that all should express in their own way. The clothing line creates to remain original, consistent, and infinite for all its supporters. Beyond the brand, Haer Brain Schemes is also a collective of creative individuals who all help one another by striving to preserve a universal culture, promoting the unique works from different creative individuals. The expression “steez is infinite” is exactly what Haer Brain Schemes represents, that true style is forever lasting.


What made you want to design? I really never paid much attention in grade school. It was tedious and ran in circles. I would doodle on everything all day and people would always buy or barter for drawings from me. I also wanted a way to make steady income and have time to work on serious art projects and I needed a lead on how to establish myself with business knowledge. 

When do you feel most inspired? I feel most inspired when I’m with my friends or just with charismatic people. People and the way they think differently then myself is what derives most of my inspiration for new concepts.


When did you first open the HBS clothing line? 7 months ago.



Which one of your designs is your favorite? Hmm. I would have to say my brain logo. Why a brain? It holds so much potential and it’s extremely flexible. It appeals to so many different groups of people.



What do we plan on seeing in the future? Basically everything you expect. Should we expect the unexpected? Or expect the expected? Expect the expected which is the unexpected. Touche.


Keep up the great work and we will surely be looking forward to seeing your new creations in your clothing line!