"My perfect dinner would be with Alberto Moravia, Milan Kundera and Marguerite Duras! all writers! "








Do you know Margaux ? Margaux  Lonnberg is a  Parisian girl and as the name indicates she has Swedish Danish and Italian origins. 

At 25 years old , this intriguing young woman with blue eyes   and rock  roll look shes is video director but shes is very well, known for his blog  she shares with us her life as a young  trendy Parisian, her inspirations, her favorite music and her videos that she created with her boyfriend Warren.

All this in a soft and Zen ambience, Margaux let us fly over his photos and enter in his world. 

Margaux is inspired by the cinema, music and California culture to create her look while plaid shirts, tattoos and black boots.

She likes to wear boy's clothes but don't tell her that she is not féminine 










"I never feel more feminine that when I wear skinny jeans,a large t shirt and lumberjack shirt !"







But what are his fashion  references? she will answer without hesitation the first new darling of the fashion New York Alexander Wang, and of course Haider Hackerman and Olivier Theyskens

but she also likes to travel and even if NY is his favorite city 

"I love NY for all the cultures that NY represents. The dynamism and  feeling that we can do everything in this city !"

The girl dream now to expand new horizons and discovering Autralia or Asia cultures

"My guy my backpack! hop and go!"  


Indeed, Margaux can  be now recognized as an icon in the blogosphere with, his 

originality his simplicity and of course his blog.