Today, I'd like to introduce the Japanese brand "lily mouth TOKYO".

It's launched by the Japanese designer, Mayuko Iguchi last year and the shops are located in Harajuku and Kyoto.

The concept is that "Innocent like a girl, but sensual". French Mode in the 1960s when women has started to assert themselves more than before is recreated, and is proposed with a life of a woman in a story every season.

And 2011 a/w COLLECTION has been just published.

Her name is "Nancy". She's a 25 year-old woman who has a cat named Michelle and lives in Paris. Her favorite colors are red and black. Her beautiful eyes and good figure attract lots of men. but she doesn't care who has a go at her. She thinks they are only like accessories. However, she is not cold or uppish. She seems to have a lasting memory.

She is a office lady on ordinary days. She's in a hurry in the morning. She takes off her knitwear and take a shower. Then she puts on makeup drinking a cup of coffee and eating bread. After she feed Michelle, she finally leave her apartment. The usual high-heels are the only one pair of her shoe collection. Even though she hurry, she drops by the oldest bookstore in the street, and stops in front of the oldest book painted a big boat on the cover of it, displayed in the show window. It's her daily work which she has been stuck to since she was an elementary school student. The book is also connected with her memory closely.

On holidays, she spends time talking with her family and having a breakfast in a relaxed mood. In the evening, she puts on makeup and dresses herself(not too elegant) again, then she goes to dinner with a man. Every man reserves a restaurant by the sea as she loves a sea in the afternoon. But only a few lucky men are allowed to drink coffee in her house. Of course the next morning it is ended up with just "See you!". 

What important for her is standing naturally. It's hard for her to try to look good, so she carries through her style. Since she wears clothes made of soft and comfortable materials without strategies, the way makes her sexier.

But the beautiful woman goes to the seaside and remember him.