In a few months all the fashionistas on web have gone mad for Licia Woods' bags! She's a young designer and her bow bags are a must-have!

Q: Licia, tell us something about you?

A: My name is Licia Boschi, I’m 24 years old and I live in Cesena.

Q: How old were you when you discovered your creative side?

A: I was very young! When a was little I started to use the sewing machine, maybe to copy my grandma o my mom that used it to do the typical housework; Then when I was 14 I started to sewing to my-self as well as to my friends and in 2005 a  shop in my town began selling my creations!

Q: How your famous bow-bag was born?

A: The bow bag was born in 2005 and the first model was quite simple: a big bow with the strap closure.For some years I didn’t realize no more bags. Some months ago I found an old bow bag in my garage and I decided to restart the production but in a better way…so I added the zip, replacing the old strap closure, and I also added handles or  shoulder belts. The result was great!

Q: Is there anyone who helps you to realize your pieces?

A: Yes of course, since few months my dear friend Viola helps me.

Q: Where people can buy your bags?

A: My bags are sold in some shops in italy. Visit the web-site to discover the retailers or  info about products.

Q: How will be your bags for next fall/ winter?

A: For the next Fall/Winter I’ll use quilted fabrics from different colors and I’m going to realize a  limited edition as always!