Catching up with Chelsea Eve

Designer Chelsea TempletonNot too long ago, interviewed Australian designer Chelsea Templeton on a brand she was recently launching “Chelsea Eve”. Since then the brand has grown tremendously, so we decided to catch up with Chelsea Templeton for a little update on her new spring 2012 collection. 

Due to the work load being so hard I have had to engage a marketing and wholesale company to help me out. We have engaged The Old Scholar Marketing Group a business specifically set up to help designers launch their designs into the Australian and International market. With them helping me with my marketing, accounting and distribution it allows me to concentrate more on the design aspect. 

What’s the name you have given the innovative collection & what does it stands for? 

CT: The new summer collection is called ‘To Love & Protect’ and it has a bit of a story behind it… 

For this collection I wanted to include a great deal of floral prints and lace as well as continuing the popular black and white styles. Because each of these two styles are quite different I decided to divide the collection into two – love & protect. 


 The love collection is vintage inspired featuring a combination of beautiful floral prints and sheer elegant lace. It’s girlie and fun – pearls, frills & pearls. It features several of the recognizable Chelsea Eve styles including the floral bustier, the bustier dress with cut outs and of course, a gorgeous backless style as well as a heap of new styles. 

This type of girl is free spirited and peaceful. She is always smiling and she leaves beauty wherever she goes. 


The protect collection has more of an edgier feel with a colour palette consisting of only black and white – beautiful silks and lace and a hint of leather.  The collection features the most popular Chelsea Eve dress so far – the bustier dress which is now also available in all black.

This type of girl never follows the crowd but prefers to take risks and stand out. She represents power and strength and will always stand up for what she believes in. 

To Love and Protect: Model Georgia Bess Varcoe, Photographed by Alice Healy
Style tip you'd like to share with our readers? 

CT: This season it’s all about colour, felt hats & statement jewelry.


Get to know Chelsea!

Last magazine you read

CT: My head is constantly buried in fashion magazines – my favourites are Vogue, SHOP & Harpers Bazaar. 

Most treasured possession

CT: probably my iphone – it rarely leaves my hand! 

What's always in your closet? 

CT: Chelsea Eve of course! 

And lots of shoes. I own over 100 pairs – it’s ridiculous! I tend to make a lot of my own clothes myself so I like to splurge on good shoes.


 "In love & in dreams, there are no impossibilities"

-Chelsea Eve.



By: Erika Collado