We’ve seen a glimpse into the ‘reality’ of Jennifer Bunney with her involvement in MTV projects including Laguna Beach and The Hills, but these portrayals of the young starlet fail to include any mention of her dedication to her studies, her work with charities and philanthropic movements or even the aesthetics – Bunney is a modern inspiration to the fashion and entertainment industry.
Jennifer graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Neuroscience and since graduating has been involved with multiple charities and philanthropies, including volunteering several times a week at her local homeless shelter in Laguna Beach CA, teaching Science at underprivileged middle schools in Los Angeles, Love Cures Cancer, the World Hunger Relief, City of Hope, Open our Eyes (a teen suicide prevention charity) and more. She has also been involved in several clinical research studies that study psychological disorders at the University of California Irvine. Jennifer has also been granted acceptance into medical school for Fall 2011, and is currently obtaining her MBA at Loyola Marymount University. In addition to her studies and volunteer work, Jennifer has managed to find the time to launch her new website - SocialiteLA.com which gives its audience an inside look at LA social life.
INSPIRER’s Sophie Taylor had the opportunity to get an inside look into the inspirations that fuel Jennifer’s style, her beauty regime and her new website SocialiteLA.com!
When did you first realise your love and appreciation of fashion?
I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t love fashion, it’s always been a hobby of mine and a huge part of my life, although I chose to make it a hobby/passion and interest as opposed to a career, like so many other of my peers.
How would you describe your style, and how does your style portray your personality?
I like to think my style is unique, I wear what I want and what I think looks flattering on my body shape instead of following the “trends.” I think my style is quirky and unpredictable, much like my personality.
How much thought and premeditation goes into your everyday look?
Not as much as you probably think, I don’t use my fashion sense on a 24/7 hour basis; it’s just not realistic with my busy schedule and lifestyle. Most young girls think they have to dress to the nines every second of every day to be considered a fashionista. But, that is simple not true. I save my fashion sense and my best outfits for outings, special occasions, and days when I just want to feel special. But, the truth of the matter is many days you can find me in leggings and a tee-shirt.
Who or What are your biggest fashion inspirations?
I think Vogue is a great magazine for inspiring fashion sense, they are always featuring something unique and fun. I also love Chanel and Hermes as style inspirations.
Do you consider yourself to follow trends, or start them?
Neither, I don’t follow, but I don’t always start either, it depends on how I feel and what mood I’m in. I am not afraid to do my own thing, but I am also not afraid to adopt styles I love.
Favorite and least favorite trends of all time?
Favorite—Leather Jacket. Least Favorite—bubble skirts.
Favorite shopping locations, stores, brands?
Forever 21, small unique boutiques, Topshop, True Religion.
What can we find in your wardrobe?
I am a huge, and I mean HUGE fan of BOOTS! I wear them almost everyday even in the summer. You can also find a lot of dresses. I think I am attracted to dresses, because not only are they feminine, but it doesn’t take a lot of planning to get that outfit right, you just throw it on and you’re done!
Whose wardrobe/style do you most envy, and why?
Hmm, this is an easy one for me. Victoria Beckham, her style is classy, chic and powerful. She never misses a beat.
Any trends you would like/have yet to try?
There definitely are some out there, but off the top of my head I would have to say work attire, I have never had a job where I needed to dress professionally on a daily basis. I think that there are lots of exciting , cute and huge statement fashion looks to be played with in the professional world. I am excited to delve into that soon.
Favorite beauty products, and how you achieve your day-to-day look?
I love anything that you can mix into your foundation that gives you a “glow” - that’s got to be my favorite product to play with. Benefit and Dior have some great options for the “glow” look. I also love LATISSE (the “potion” that makes your eyelashes grow), mainly because natural beauty is the foundation for beauty after makeup. I like to focus a lot of on my skin, eyelashes and eyebrows, exfoliation, masques, crèmes etc. as opposed to the actual makeup, because if you have a beautiful face almost any makeup looks great!
How has your style evolved over the past few years?
My style has definitely become more mature and sophisticated; I like to dress more classically now (pearls, Jackie-O style dresses) as opposed to provocatively. I wear a lot less mini skirts and mini dresses these days.
Your most embarassing fashion flashback?
Let’s see, CORDUROY! I had a pair of corduroy jeans and a corduroy skirt back in the day. Never. Again. I also dislike khakis, and capris.
What's your style motto?
Streamlined, classy and always sexy; describes my style well I think.
Tell us a little bit about your involvement with SocialiteLA.com
I am the host of the website. SocialiteLA tells people what they need to know in LA, the REAL deal for the best places to go, dine, party and live in LA, what to wear, who to know etc... We pretty much give the inside scoop on how to be a socialite in Southern California. We also throw a bunch of fun events, contests and give out great deals to website fans. There is also a lot of insight about my personal life, so fans can get to know me on a more intimate level. But, most importantly we are involved with a lot of charity work, which for me is the heart and soul of the website.
What's in store for Jennifer Bunney, and what can we expect from you over the next few years?
Hopefully a lot, I am working on a new reality show right now featuring my life and the website, and am concentrating on school, so we will see where all of these great opportunities take me!