AltaRoma: Who's on Next 2013 "ESME VIE"

The ninth edition of the scouting project "Who is on Next?", Designed and developed by Altaroma in collaboration with Italian Vogue, sees awarded the first prize ex aequo, for the ready to wear, to Esme Vie for the simplicity of the lines, finishing and tailoring the continuity of forms that renewed through the tissues expressing elegance without season, and Arthur Arbesser for ability to interpret an attitude through contemporary forms and alternations of fabrics, in a musical mixes completely free that gives life to a sportswear for convenience and research

 A duo born out of their shared passion for fashion, Julia and Daria Voitenko Golevkocombine Russian culture, which inspires, quality, innovation and tradition of Made in Italy. Esme Vie is a timeless brand, which looks at "the modern" with a different approach: design classic and innovative materials create a sophisticated collection together and appealing. The inspiration comes from their experiences and from the roots of the fashion of the 50s as an example of femininity and elegance impeccable.