Do you know Lovely Sally?

This brand already conquered the net! Between printed leggings and swimwear, you will quickly seduced.
Bloggers have already passed and it's an avalanche of legging that is now on
Prints are funny, strange or even psychedelic. There's something for all tastes.
Here bloggers who have already adopted them, here with Madeline Pendelton, Alana Ruas and Darya Kamalova.

We asked few questions to Giuliana,28 years old, designer of the brand.

What is your favorite designers?

Etro for their ethnical pattern, Marc Jacobs for having invented the idea of mix and match, MSGM for their amazing colour palette.

Your favorite pieces in your collection?

A bikini in the new collection.

Your inspirations?

Dreams and books

How to define your universe?

Exotic and visionary

Favorite materials ?

All kind of fabrics, especially those ones that make the colours brighter, and leather.

What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your own design?

My mum's creativity. She was an excellent tailor.

Describe your style

Exotic, colourful, made by contrast

What are you most excited to wear this season ?

Shoulder pads  

You'd never be caught dead wearing ... ?


One thing you couldn't live without ?

Orange juice. About fashion? Leather boots

Favorite celebrity fashion icon ?

Actually she's not a celeb, but i used to die for Denise's style, in the Cosby show. If I should choose a modern fashion icon i'd say someone like M.I.A. to be consistent with my passion for 80's rap style or Tilda Swinton for being so androgynous.

Favorite part about being a fashion designer ?

When you push something uncommon and discover later that it will be a trend
What are other activities you enjoy doing besides designing (art, music, etc)?
Listening to music, reading and hunting vintage pieces or design.