The Queen of Minimalism Set to Present Her Comeback Womenswear Line Independently

After returning to her namesake label months ago, Jil Sander made her comeback with a S/S menswear line at Milan Fashion Week this past June. With that, Jil has truly demonstrated that she's back and more than ready to return to womenswear, as well. But what we really want to know is what she has in lined up for us this fall.

It was recently reported by La Repubblica that she had chosen to out of Milan Fashion Week this fall, and will be debuting her return to womenswear with two private, independent shows. The two shows will still be within the parameters of that time period (Sept. 19-25), they'll just be off site and off schedule.

Why is she doing this?

Perhaps it could be looked at as Jil's way to make a big return to her notoriously minimalist womenswear line (well, lines of clothing, in general), because it's unlikely that what will be seen in a line will be any sort of shock to anyone.  Not that it's a bad thing, because that's her thing and she's loved for it.

Another potential reason behind her choice to steer clear of Milan Fashion Week is because the schedule this fall seems to be crammed into three days with several conflicting shows. That happens because it's common for many to leave Italy early to Paris, in preparation for Paris Fashion Week.

What Jil has in store for this fall will remain unknown to all of us, but personally, I'm dying to see what's in store. 

Stay tuned.