Urban Outfitters and Etsy

Urban Outfitters, a widely known hipster-trend store, is being accused of stealing merchandise ideas from artists and designers on Etsy.com. This isn’t really news to anyone. It’s recently been brought to my attention by one of my Urban-obsessed friends.

She says, “Sometimes I’ll shop on Etsy, then a few months later, I’ll go on Urban’s website and see the same things there.”

All of the designers that sell on Etsy.com put a lot of time and effort into designing and creating their pieces. Personally, I am not accusing Urban Outfitters of anything, this is all speculation based on things that I’ve heard from fellow Urban (and Etsy)-adoring friends. But if you look around on the internet, the proof is all there from shoes tolittle necklaces.

Moral of the story is this; the next time you shop at Urban Outfitters, hope that you’re buying the real-deal and not something that has been stolen from another designer.