The Braid-sics of Summer Hair

With summer in our midst, everyone wants to impress but doesn't want to have to worry about their hair.  Braids are easy to do (and easy to learn) and they have the perfect summer time look to them.

                           Braided bun halo.

This looks more complicated than it actually is. First you start off by parting your hair to the side. Then Dutch braid, which is the opposite of French braiding, down each side of the part moving your way towards the back of your neck. This is a little tricky at first but you only have to switch the way you're holding your hands. Once all of your hair is braided, secure each side with a little elastic. The way you place your braids is up to you, you can intertwine them or twist them together, whatever is easiest for you, then bobby pin the bun in place.


                                The Katniss Braid

First start by parting your hair the way you would normally. Then, starting to the left of your part, pick up a section of hair (vertically), separate the section into three parts and start to French (or Dutch) braid. Work your way down and across the back of head, holding each piece tightly making sure that you get any stray pieces at the back of your neck. Braid all the way down and secure with an elastic.

                                 The Partial Braid

You can really do anything with this one. But first grab a random section of hair at the top of your part, French braid for a few pieces and then stop. Continue to braid (regularly) then secure the braid with an elastic and style however you want.