Thallo is a Greek brand of jewlery with a philosophy that is to create unique and high quality pieces at an affordable price. Very close to nature, all the creations are inspired by natural materials, like wood, leafs, flowers ... for an amazing result made of gold and silver.

History of Thallo

" It all started in the 80‘s when Theodore and Viktoria Peleki came up with the idea to create an everlasting flower jewel.

It took them more than a decade of constant research to evolve the know-how of transforming all kinds of flowers into high quality jewelry.

In the late 90’s Thallo was created and borrowed the name of the ancient Greek goddess of blossom. In the same period, Thallo had its first public appearance.

No later than 1999, the first Thallo store opened.

From then on, the company managed not only to develop a strong sales network in Greece, but also to take the first steps towards the global market, by exporting to the USA and other European countries. "

Katerina, the designer, agreed to respond few interview questions for us ... 


Your first name, age, occupation

Katerina, 29 years old, designer.

Your inspirations ?

Everything around me, a woman on the street, a song that i heard, a movie, a walk in the nature. Anything could be inspirational, you never know!I make notes almost everywhere, that's why you can find sketches, even on chewing gum wrappers!

One thing you couldn't live without ?


How do you define your universe ?

Ι travel frequently , i have contacts every day  with people all over the world and i live in a place surrounded by sea and nature. My every day life is very intensive and plenty of challenges. Of course the best part with my partners is when we imagine new things , forms that never before was created as jewels and that is wonderful.

Your favorite pieces in your collection ?

It depends on the season and of cource the mood. I think every piece has it's own beauty! However, I really love our spiral bracelet from the collection "Bubbles". It will be for sure my next present to my self! This season, I also wear every day our simple leaf ring which easily wraps the finger.

What does "Thallo" mean?

Thallo, is one of the three Horae, was the goddess of spring, and blossom in Greek  mythology, as our jewelery is inspired on flowers and nature it couldn´t be a better name.

What´s the process to create a piece of Thallo jewel ?

Our jewelry is based on the nature. We are taking advantage of natural forms in order to re- create, design and finally get personalized jewels. . Thanks to our know how , we can transform almost any kind of flower (even the most sensitive ones) into a real jewel, using electroforming process . This also allows us to preserve every detail of each flower in an absolute way. We use copper, silver and gold to make them metallic. Of course every jewel is unique, even a pair of earrings are never the same! 

To shop your own Thallo piece it's here :  THALLO

Thank you to Katerina