Dagmar.K from Portland, is the designer and owner of the very nice etsy shop Sash Couture, where you can find a very large choice of lace, bridal, silk and flowy dresses. 

We had the chance to see and try some of the prettiest models of Dagmar, and all we can say is that the quality is here ! Delicate designs and materials, all you need this summer is one of these dresses.

Your first name, age, occupation

Dagmar, 44, Owner and Designer of SashCouture

Your favorite designers?

Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvile, everything 20's and 30's, art deco 

Your favorite pieces in your collection?

I attached the links

Your inspirations ?

The 20's and 30's, Edwardian and Victorian styles, I love lace

Favorite materials ?

Silk, Lace, everything soft and flowy, love feathers


What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your own design ?

I always designed for my friends and me. when i moved from Austria to the USA, i actually took my time of work, i was an IT project manager. I had twins, a boy and a girl and that gave me the idea of starting my own business. I always was very business oriented, i always painted, sewed or did other creative things. I got lucky enough to find Beverly, Bonny and Paula to join my team. Now, 5 years later, we are making hopefully our brides happy....worldwide.

Describe your style 

I love feminine, soft wedding dresses with a modified vintage touch. French Lace was always very inspiring for me and i just love to play around with ideas and designs.

What are you most excited to wear this season ?

My lace dresses, wrap dresses and everything different....i love to stand out


You'd never be caught dead wearing ... ?

Sweat pants

One thing you couldn't live without ?

My kids and my future husband...i get inspired by them...good and bad ....

Favorite celebrity fashion icon ?

Could not say, really. Kate (Prince William's wife) is very chic, love that


Favorite part about being a fashion designer ?

The thrill of making in or not...that sounds funny, but it is hard to stay in business and without a lot of is almost impossible to launge your own line, so people can recognize my brand

What are other activities you enjoy doing besides designing (art, music, etc)?

Nature...use it as my inspiration, horses, animals, friends, i read a lot, i am interested in almost anything and very open minded. i love life and i hope to inspire other people. I listen from opera to rammstein really almost anything. 


If you want to purchase yours, check the shop HERE

Thank you to Dagmar for her time