One of the most famous Japanese female artists, Kyarypamyupamyu might have been already well known around the world.


The 19 year-old girl first appeared in "street snap" in the teen fashion magazine, "KERA" 3 years ago, and has started modeling (actually as "Dokusya Model" which means it's not a pro but a model who loves the magazine and is popular among readers).

After her first covering magazine, "HR" was sold, Kyarypamyupamyu was on many fashion shows in Japan. But the reason why she has been catching on with people more and more was, not her individuality but her career as a singer is also so watched like Katy Perry spoke so highly her on twitter. She is like a life-sized icon loved especially among young Japanese girls. But the first step to get to know about her might be getting to be able to pronounce her name, Kyarypamyupmyu fluently (at least it's actually hard for Japanese).