Paint It Green, created by Alicia and Christian, is a brand based in Berlin, Germany. Principally working on wood, they create gorgeous jewelry with natural materials.

You'll also find clocks, stamps, pillows, and many amazing necklaces that you will discover on pictures !

My favorite piece is probably the black mustache necklace, black and shiny, simple and edgy ! Alicia and Christian responded few interview questions for us ...

Your first name, age, occupation ?

Alicia, 29, Writer, Author, Blogger 
Christian, 29, Graphic Designer


Your favorite designer ?

Shepard Fairey, Christian´s Father Erich Kleine (Illustrator, Artist), Alicia´s Mother Isabella Hiepler-Metz (Ceramic Artist), Jean Paul Gaultier, Coco Chanel, Lala Berlin, Horn van Bö and many Street artists.


Your favorite piece in your collection ?

Alicia: My favourite piece is our wooden feather necklace. I'm wearing it almost every day.
Christian: The Chalkboard Clock, because I can write my own Time.


Your inspirations ?

Love, Life, Music, People, Our City, Fashion, Literature, Digital Life and we get also inspired by our parents.


How do you define your universe ?

It's our little handmade universe. We do what we love and we love what we do.


Favorite materials ?

Plywood, Acrylic, Blackboard Lacquer... It ́s great to work and play with different materials and styles.




Thanks to Alicia & Christian !