Today INSPIRER.NU got to know more about 28yr old designer Sally and Jay, creators of the KONOC brand. KONOC offers a wide range of products such as colorful leather bags, t shirts and trendy jewelry.
KONOC combines quality just as well as style at very affordable prices!
Here's some insite on most of their products and the creator behind the brand.


Who is your Favourite designers?

Acne, Michael Michael kors and my friends incredible brand Handsom which is based in Australia. 

Favourite pieces of your collection?

Our '3 colour Hummingbird' with the gold heart lock...I gave this to myself for a little birthday present at the beginning of the year!

The 'Black Mockingbird' which is one of our best sellers and our peace bracelets and necklaces as these were the first items designed and sold in the konoc studio.

I could go on as I love it all, each and every piece has been design by me or Jay with a lot of love and care going into every design.

Your inspirations?
Inspiration comes from all around the globe for us as although we are based in Koh Samui, Thailand, I am originally from London and Jay is Thai (from NaKhon Si Thammarrat on the main land). There is defiantly both an Asian and Western feel and influence in our designs.
We carry a pen and notebook wherever we go and love photography.We bounce off each others ideas and are very visual in our thoughts.what starts out as an idea for a bag..
will end up as an idea for a Tee or necklace and mistakes are often a great way of trying something new

We recently went to Sri Lanka which was beautiful and very inspirational we are also off to Chang Mai and London for work/holidays in the next few months, We are in the process of building our own website and will be launching that along with a whole new core collection and seasonal pieces in September this year so keep an eye out for some more of our signature bags as well as a few new shapes and style.

How to define my universe?

My universe is very visual our house is full of photographers from our trips and art from around the globe.

Our studio is also a very creative space with image boards and sample peices of new and old collections giving us constant inspiration and motivation everyday.

Konoc's universe is busy, as we design all our products as well as hand make everything it all takes time, every leather bag is hand stitched every Tee hand cut, printed or dyed and the jewellery all hand made.

We also have a shop in Koh Samui that we run as well as weekly markets around the island, selling on-line on Etsy.com and updating our blog and Facebook page free time is non extistent at the moment.

but that's why it's so important that we love what we do!!!! The world of Konoc is now my life our life I live, breathe and wear Konoc every day.

Thank you to Sally and Jay for letting us discover their world.
Visit their Website and discover their wonderful collection here