Today I'd like to introduce you to Daria, a very talented jewlery designer ( and doctor ! ) from Ukraine, who creates the cutest earings, necklaces and bracelets of Eastern Europe which I immediately fell in love with. Next to her biology PhD, Daria found the time to let her talent flourish this is how Dariami was born!

"I should say that I'm self taught artist, I never study arts at hight school. I've graduated from fine arts school for children when I was a teenager and was dreaming to proceed my study and become a fashion designer (not very unique dreams, I suppose) :) However my mom is realistic person and she managed to persuade me to attend national university and get an academic degree. I'm PhD on molecular biology and study molecular mechanisms of cancer development "  

" In 2009 I became a mother of beautiful daughter Kira and now I have a maternity leave (it's three years in Ukraine). All my jewelry I make at home when my daughter gives me some time.my first introduction to polymer clay was by internet and I fall in love from the very first moment. Than I bought my first polymer clay in Sweden where I had a scientific collaboration, it was not available in Ukraine on that moment and became popular only a couple years after. Maybe it's strange to read for people who know polymer clay for years but polymer clay came to post-soviet countries only 6-7 years ago and raised a lot of interest there.

As it was a new material for us but well known in other world we had rapid growth period and for now I can name several russian speaking polymer clay artists that have impact on the world polymer society. During 2009-2010 me and my friend organized several workshops with invited polymer clay artists to help people in Ukraine to learn more about this material. I also taught classes on polymer clay basics and that was really interesting time for all of us. I started my Etsy shop in June 2011 and since that I don't have enough time for  workshop organization, though I hope we can try to invite international artists in future. I have very creative family and all of them inspire me and give a lot of help with my shop. "

More about Daria

Your first name, age and occupation?

My name is Daria and I’m 32. I create handmade jewelry and accessories.

Your favorite designers?

John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.  I’m not much of fashion addicted person but their collections were really big event for me

Your favorite piece in your collection?

I like my chameleon brooch, I made it during very snowy winter and it was a pleasure to imagine green jungle and bright colors.

Your inspirations?

Comes from everywhere… I can sit watching cartoons with my daughter and than imagine some new piece of jewelry. I fond of hiking, I pick all kind of natural material from my trips: seashells, seeds, wood.




How would you define your universe?

It's my family and my craft

Favorite materials?

I like working with polymer clay and wire. Polymer clay is very versatile material, you can make almost anything from it, any texture, color, shape. So it helps realize any project and idea one could have. Using polymer clay I’m not restricted by commercially available findings only, I can create my own jewelry components and this is important for me.

What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your own design?

Well, actually I didn’t choose fashion design only. Creating handmade jewelry was my hobby during long time. Now I would say this is my second job since I came to Etsy and began to cell internationally. I design stuff as far as I remember myself. First clothes and accessories for my dolls, fabric flowers, drawing, beading, embroidery and lots of other interesting things... I've graduated from Fine arts school but choose another way. I used to work as academic researcher and have PhD in molecular biology. Now I’m back to work after maternity leave and work as a head of group of molecular biology in a chemical company.

Describe your style for us!

Nature inspired jewelry, woodland creatures and natural colors.


What are you most excited to wear this season ?

Definitely, floral maxi skirt.

You'd never be caught dead wearing ... ?

Neon color clothes, unless it’s skiing suit :)

One thing you couldn't live without ?


Favorite celebrity fashion icon ?

Audrey Hepburn. I love her style, her works, her humanitarian activity for UNICEF and her family focus. She is the best example that a style is not only how you look but also what you bring to the world.


Favorite part about being a fashion designer ?

I’m exiting to meet people from all parts of Earth that like my works. It’s amazing.

What are other activities you enjoy doing besides designing (art, music, etc) ?

Sewing, making crafts with my daughter, hiking, reading.

Check her shop and all the creations of Daria ( and Kira! ) right here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/Dariami

( My favorite item is definitely the pearly white hearts which are supercute and classy ! )

-> http://www.etsy.com/listing/92089918/post-earrings-pearly-white-hearts