Everlane. A Revolution, An Innovation

"At Everlane, we're rethinking the way retail works. Online only, we create luxury essentials for under $100"

 Everlane is an innovative brand, hoping to break the designer/regular costumer barrier created by high cost and unnecessary expenses. According to Everlane, it's a fact that the typical designer shirt is sold for eight times its production cost. Why not simply change that? "They say you should start a business that you wish already existed, so we left our day jobs to do just that" are the words describing their Tumblr Blog and the mere soul of the company. 

Everlane exists 100% online, therefore saving on costs associated with physicals stores, and allowing the costumer to receive a product of designer quality at a lower cost (always under $100!). They also focus on general quality- something that doesn't happen with a regular retailer at such a low price, and as a consequence, limited production runs. 

 Below is an infograph created by Everlane illustrating the cost of making a designer belt, and later, the way it's sold to you.  Everlane wishes to eliminate this inconvenience and extra cost with the production and sale of a designer belt  for simply $15, representing the actual cost of production. Once again, Everlane is the image of future innovation in retail selling.