Who says Summer says shorts, and in this area, Erin grace is pretty good !

Only 20 years old, she lives by selling her creations which are absolutely gorgeous.



 Favorite designers?

" Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite designer! I also love Elie Saab and Erin Fetherston "


Favorite piece in your collection? 

" My favorite piece would probably be the first pair of galaxy shorts I made, they were black and half were covered in a blue and gold galaxy design with lots of studs "








 What about your inspirations? 

" I get inspiration from everywhere,for the shorts I make I just wanted to take a simple pair of shorts and make them one of a kind. Ever since I was little I always liked to try to make my clothes unique. "



Favorite materials ?

" I love lace,cotton and denim. "



50$ for a hand designed short makes actuals trends affordable for everyone



With pure materials and strong inspirations like Erin's got, you will sure find something you like on her shop here









Here are our 2 favorite pieces, galaxy shorts studded and distressed which are flawless for mid season with a pair of black tights as worn on pictures or even for this summer as galaxy print is currently a must have !


Erin's creations will bring a touch of grunge and rock'n roll in your look for sure so don't wait anymore and check her shop !