Today I'd like to introduce you to Sir Tom, a brand created by the talented Anne from Sydney, Australia. 

Juggling between family life, work and her amazing creations, Anne propose us clutches with a million different designs, working mainly with natural fabrics. I'm totally in love with the aztec/navajo prints, colorful and perfect for this season ! You'll find yours for sure !






First name, age, occupation?

My name is Anne and I am 41 years old. I started my tertiary education studying visual arts, education then later on a diploma in design. I have spent time teaching in various schools across Sydney. Between my work and studies I have had three children who have all been raised by the beautiful shores of Bondi Beach. After having my third child, I have spent more time at home, and less time in the classroom.

Like many mothers, I have been searching for the right work home balance. A couple of years ago I stumbled across Esty, a website for hand made designs. I had so many ideas bubbling away, I thought I'd get busy and open the doors of Sir Tom, selling all my creations. I spend as many hours as I can between pouring milk, tying shoe laces or driving kids to musics lessons, working on new ideas and making items for my shop.












Favourite designers?

David Trubridge is a New Zealand designer who creates beautiful furniture and lighting. He is influenced by the preservation of the wilderness. He had travelled the globe hunting for patterns in nature, photographing them, then synthesising what he sees into simplified, contemporary, ecological designs. There is a strong linear theme through his work, like in his beautiful elongated pendant lamps or wooden recliners. He is motivated to protect our environment through conserving resources and energy in his design making process, something I really admire.

His work has great integrity and timelessness. The detail, whilst not apparent at first glance, is mind blowing on closer inspection. The 'snowflake' lamp, an urchin shaped structure, for instance, is pieced together like futuristic armour and is, in itself a mathematical marvel and so beautiful. To top it off, Trubridge has solved the problem of excess freight by creating designs that can be flat packed. Trubridge is sensitive in all aspects of his work and is one my favourite designers.




Favourite piece in your collection? 

My hemp clutches have been screen printed by me using stencils that I have cut by hand. I like the earthy tribal edge of the hand woven hemp, and the fact it is not a mass produced textile. I felt decorating the fabric using traditional printing methods would compliment the overall design.

My colourful geometric fabrics, designed on my ancient macbook, have afforded me the luxury of researching wonderful arts and crafts of the past, from the incredible Navajo through to the outrageous Memphis Design group. These clutches are full of optimism.

My latest work is a direct response to the nature around me. I photographed textures, shapes, and lines in nature, found in rocks, drift wood, and trees, resulting in a sort of grungy series of clutches. I took the photos on one of my favourite beaches in Northern New South Wales, Australia, so they have a special place in my heart.




















Your inspirations ?

Most Sundays, as a child, my father took my siblings and I walking through the Blue Mountains. We covered so much ground, and at the time didn't appreciate the grandeur of the landscape. We camped in many National Parks and trekked through tropical rainforests, bushland, and across grassy plains.

Majority of the time, however, I was hoping Dad would buy me an ice-cream on the way home. It was only as an adult that I started to see the indelible mark, the truly great gift he had given me, apart from the ice-cream, and that was an appreciation of nature. My inspiration begins with my response to nature, and the rest follows. Living at Bondi Beach provides a perfect backdrop for my inspiration with its golden sand and blue green waves.

My studies in Visual Arts have been intrinsic in the design making process, Researching past art periods and movements opens a world of ideas. I hope to create original work rather than being derivative or regurgitating current trends.












How to define your universe?

Be humble..treat others how you would like to be and love well. Being a parent means I am constantly teaching my children how to treat others and how to behave, which is in turn a direct reflection of my own ideologies. I try to help them to think beyond their own personal needs and to consider the big picture. I wonder if I'm doing the whole parent thing well or not, it is a big job to undertake. All I know is, that I adore my family and feel truly blessed and lucky to have them.





















Favourite materials? 

I love all natural fabric and fibres like linen, hemp, silk and wool. I love fabric that has been hand woven or hand painted/printed. Textiles from indigenous cultures, like African mud cloth or Indonesian Ikats and Aboriginal woven bags. I collect bark cloth fabric from the 1950's and 60's which have brilliant graphic designs of the era. Natural unbleached linen, hemp twine and raw silk

are beautiful too. I love fabrics with bold graphic patterns, especially those of Natalie Du Pasquier, a fabric designer from the Memphis Group in the 1980's. Also Jenny Kee, an Australian designer prominent in the 1980's for her very colourful happy prints depicting Australian icons. I am drawn to the weavings of the Bauhaus women, the geometric patterns and swirls are incredible. I admire the contemporary fabric of Australian designers such as Josh Goot and Natalie Wood, who use digital artwork throughout their designs.












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