This week we discover Salinya Suthinarakorn. This young designer of 34 years, creates modern, casual and bohemian bags, all-cotton. Her brand Fabric & Handle offers a variety of colors: beige, gray, two-color, printed, there's something for all tastes.

Hi, Salinya, what is your inspiration?
When I design a new bag I set out to create something timeless. I'm a big fan of simplifying your life and believe owning fewer high quality products is better than owning many so-so quality products (or cluttering up your life in any way...). My bags are created with that in mind, and that's why they should last a long time. The quality has to be spot on.


How do you define your universe?
If by universe you mean my life, I can say I gravitate towards all things beautiful. I love interior design, graphic design, modern things, and also culinary arts. I have to admit after making bags my second passion is cooking.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I don't really have any favorite designers. The work of many smaller local designers is more interesting for me, so whenever I visit a new city I try to check some of the local shops or markets.

What are your favorite pieces in your collection?
Camille Weekend Bag, It was the first bag I made for myself as a gym bag.

Find all her bags on her website