How to combine modern, environment friendly and style? Jovens answers this question by offering rock , casual-chic and vintage bags with materials selected with care.

Organic cotton, the burlap, polyethylene recyclable or tanned leather.

"Made with respect" and "Authentic etic bags" are the two founding values of Jovens. Jovens is also develops neat designs, these are some bags from Jovens we have chose for our shoot.

The first is "Deer" of the series "The Unconditional".

We chose this one for its casual and practical look. It is in print burlap, slate gray with grey ink, metal buckles and antique nickel free. Brown leather handles, tanned with vegetable chrome-free, made in France. We loved her typically Parisian look, with a simple but contemporary feel. 

"The essential bag that follows you everywhere: to the market, walk to the beach ..."

For the second bag we kept "Deer" but in the series "The Confidential".



"The companion of every moment, always there to keep you place your bag when the day does not keep its promises. We also like the choice to wear or visual side plain side."

Natural Organic Cotton, We like its simple and sweet side, convenient to carry all our stuff with a chic and relaxed style.

To find all their collection and learn more about the brand, visit the website or blog.