Kaleidoscope.eyes do you know?
This brand of shorts as the concept of customized shorts to make them trendy and fun.
Red, blue bicolor, multicolor, studded or torn to pieces, we want to collect them all.
I interviewed the creator of this amazing brand,Brie 27 years old.

Present yourself?
I've been kind of obsessed with vintage since I was a teenager, so I've spent way too much time looking at 60's & 70's collections, like Courreges' space age designs or vintage Pucci dresses.
I'm also really into everything Betsey Johnson does.
Your favorite pieces in your collection?
My favorite pieces to make are definitely the colorful dyed & studded pairs. Mixing pretty colors with punk-style studs is a contrast I really like. I also love that each pair is literally 
one of a kind so it gives me the freedom to make pretty much whatever I feel like making that day.
Your inspirations?

Music and vintage fashion are definitely two things that inspire me. All through high school pretty much all I listened to was music from the 60's and 70's, so I filled most of my time looking at old magazines and album covers. I feel like people weren't afraid to wear color or be original then, and that's totally an inspiration to me.
How to define your universe?
Hmm, well if I had to do it with one word it would be colorful! 
your favorite designer?

My favorite brand to use is vintage Levis. They're an American classic and have such a flattering fit. But I still like using all brands of vintage jeans. 
There's something I really love about taking a pair of jeans that are so unattractive and dated, and turning them into something pretty and modern!
To make a colorful and trendy summer please visit his site and choose your favorite short.