Milan-  bright and early morning of the 3rd day of the fashion week,  to the tone of a military march, Moschino's army marched down the runway. The first outfits that started off the show were totally stolen from a barracks: sixties military jackets with gold buttons, maxi black hats that hide the face and tight leggings. The collection continued with military inspired clothes but revisit color block combinations.

Halfway through the show the women changed, laying down one's arms to become a jaunty girl with a big black bow on head!

Peter Seller’s classic film, “Pink Panther” inspired the dresses, and despite being shown at the end of the show, the dresses didn’t seem to fit any better into the collection.

Massive attention to the leather jackets proposed with the classical black and gold details, but also they were proposed with studs or colour.


photo credits:©GiuliaBrandimarti