Milan- Gucci opened yesterday for the first day of the Milan fashion week. Frida Giannini, -the creative director- shows one more time her love for the past. A noir and Vittorian atmosphere characterizes the entire collection:  women come directly from the 1800's where the dark was sublime and where the poets were anguished and charming.

For the day time, Gucci wants an androgynous woman that looks like a soldier wearing tails, Jodhpur pants and jacket with marked shoulder pads. In the evening, the long chiffon dresses hug the body like a second skin, where the play between transparency and precious facing  gives us the idea of a beautiful, but at the same time mysterious, mermaid coming out of the water.

Fabrics are velvet, used for light pants and dresses, chiffon, shearling, brocade and silk. Colors used are forest green, purple and black.