Spring 2012: ‘Pretty Pastels’

Strangely enough, this spring is all about pastels- they are a simple way to sophistication and the cuteness of being young. After running an errand through our favorite online retail stores, here are some wonderful pastel items to blow your mind. Take these items as inspiration to craft an eccentric look; yet keep in mind that too much pastel is indeed too much pastel. 

First off, sheer blouses in pastel or soft tones are ideal- simply match them with a pastel blazer  or a pair of shorts in earthy colors.

 Once again, believe in the ability to wear a maxi skirt regardless of your height, specially if it is in such a wonderful soft tone as this one.

Remember that outrageous skinny jean trend? Or at least colored denim trend? Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, it is still here, and now, in pastel.

Yet, so many sweet things are out there in beautiful shades of peach. UO's ruffle shorts are to die for, along with these shorts from Forever 21. There's hundreds of different options out there, and simply owning a couple pieces in pastel tones is something you won't regret