The music starts as the lights rise creating a dark and dreary setting that suddenly emerges an elegant and rebellious beauty. The beauty strongly exuding structure, finely tailored garments and edginess to the crowd captives with her strength and independent demeanor,carefully she begins the story for the audience that the following models will tell. We as the audience know that the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection depicts the dominant revival of the 1940's military era with overly exaggerated A-line dresses and coats, high leather boots, over the elbow leather gloves and sleek hair for a more enduring silhouette. There is nothing about these stern walking, full of attitude and highly erotic models that doesn't make us all want to be the McQueen "it" person everyday.  

     The overly pointed lapels of each coat working with the highly laced leather and military boot, tapping and stomping to the beat of the house music drastically plays up the 1940's. The key features that dramatically completed these looks were the hair and makeup choices. Dramatic, sleek and sexy side parts, as well as overly exaggerated curls for the women intensify the story being told. The makeup makes us question, due to the fact that there is nothing but subtlety creating visible androgyny. The McQueen models truly rectifies and reinstate that persona that the late McQueen himself always exuded in each and every one of his collections. His name truly lives on in the brand due to the continuation of his natural esthetic he held so dear within his designs.


     The direct impact of the 40's drastically is reinstated by the overly exaggerated A-line silhouettes created and were highly reminiscent of the "New Look" created by Christian Dior after the war in 1947. Suddenly, a jaw dropping gown worn by a ghostly and highly androgynous beauty appears, coming to a halt! She begins to pull herself closer and closer... but to what? Clearly a McQueen show must go out in style with a playful and theatric manor! She pulls more and more through the fallen leaves and forest  replica to the finale.


Alexander McQueen Fall/ Winter 2012 leaves us, the audience with the thought that the McQueen man and women is everything that you desire to be!