Vintage Never Fades

Taking the fashion world by storm, Nikki Striebel, a 22-year-old entrepreneur and management major of Clark University uses designer vintage items to add to her collection line.  I had the chance to have a little skype date with this beautiful, ebullient lady and ask her about Avec Lux, which became such an outstanding project of hers.

As we both sip on our coffee mugs we discus where she stands today with Avec Lux.  “It’s already been a month today since I started my online store!” she anxiously tells me. Her line inquires going to local vintage shops and picking out her favorite choices of designer finds. Tweaking it up a bit if needed to she then researches reasonable prices for each item and puts it up for grabs on her website.  She came up with the name of her line by using Avec, a French word “with” with Lux that is a Latin based word for light. “I didn’t want the name of my line to have anything to do with my name!”.  Not only is this adorable girl the master mind behind it all, she also takes place behind the camera. Nikki is the photographer and stylist behind all her breath taking photos and video for her site. "Starting my own company has been exhilarating. It feels like a natural high and you feel invincible. I’m really proud of what I’ve done so far." Nikki wants to take her vintage line to the next step, we cant tell you much now! What we can tell you is that her

goals for Avec Lux is to come out with a men’s line and even have her very own designs that she has been working on with her assistant designer. “What I have experienced with starting this vintage line, is that if you really want to do something, you must just jump into it and make it happen.”                                                  

                                                      "Fashion isn’t just  clothes, it’s art." –Nikki Striebel 

Avec Lux has amazing things to come! Don’t be the last one to know, Follow Avec Lux and Nikki on twitter!


Avec Lux FW 2011 Premier from Avec Lux on Vimeo.