Fashionistas of the month


This sensational duo are your Fashionistas of February! They come all the way from Southampton, London.  I had the chance to interview these lovely ladies via Skype and ask them questions that you guys wanted to know.

How would you describe your style?                                                                                                          

 Mpho: I’m really like a bohemian laid back style, lots of oversized things.

 Nyane: I have a very 90, 80s inspired look, very vintage.


Favorite stores?

Mpho&Nyane: We get our clothes from the same place, which are charity shops, but I like to do some shopping at asos ( and Nyane loves a vintage store called “Hobo” located only in whales. We love to take the pieces that inspire us and make it into our own personal style.


Must haves for the spring?


Mpho: I’m dying to find an all patent suit, like a patent blazer and pants, an A line leather skirt and a fishtail dress.

Nyane: High wasted shorts, everything shoulder padded, and half way top bras are a must have.


Valentines day is coming up, what are your perfect outfis?

Mpho: I would settle for a very romantic look, lots of soft colors and a maxi skirt.

Nyane: All black and white, with leather sounds just perfect to me.


What are some of your music choices?

Mpho: Julia Stone, Foster and the People, and a lot of indie artists.

Nyane: 90s rap, club mixes, and PRINCE.




 People that inspirer you and your style?

Mpho: Kate Moss, and the Olsen twins

Nyane: PRINCE, Janet Jackson and the Olsen twins as well


Now of course just looking at your names confuse a lot of our readers (Chuckles between us three) How do you pronounce it correctly?

Mpho: (Mmm.Pour)

Nyane: (Nay.On.E) 




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