Photos © Olivier Saillant

Are you loving the tv series PAN-AM? Karl Lagerfeld too. For the Chanel haute couture Karl Lagerfeld has decided to develop his show inside a plane: comfortable seats with electronic numbering, real windows, and charming flight attendants who served champagne to the guest or we should say to the passengers. All clothes represented the colors of the sky, from a sky blue to the dark of the night;  the texture of the clothes shifted from classic boucle tweed into glitter-threaded denim to suggest a starry sky, and then into layers of opalescent pebbles that resembled a moonscape. Throughout, the silhouette was lean and curveless, with straight up-and-down dresses whose wide necklines almost matched the width at the hips. Anyway clothes were closer to the pret-a-porter than the haute couture because Karl always wants to astonish us or maybe because in these days he going to lunch his pret-a porter label "Karl".

What can I say? "Chapeau".