We are proud to announce that Zara, long time UK retailer, will be available to Americans to shop their online website on Wednesday, September 7.  

This is an exciting moment for fashionistas and Americans everywhere because we've been taunted and tempted for 22 years by the company's UK webstore and the very few scattered stores that have been in the U.S. since 1989. Now we will have the capability to purchase and have items delivered to our very own homes without feeling left in the dark from the beautiful euro trends that we all know and love.  

It's also great to know that items will be deliverable from 2-4 days free of charge, and customers that live nearby a physical shop will be able to pick up items ordered online, in-store.  It also has been noted that products delivered to the home will be wrapped in purpose designed eco friendly packaging which will keep items in mint condition upon arrival to you.  There will also be free returns and exchanges within 30 days, which is fairly standard among stores. 

All of these options seem incredibly easy for users and will most likely increase productivity for the somewhat exclusive company.  The United States webstore is Zara's first outside of Europe.  

It is also good to know that Zara has opened up some new social outlets on platforms such as twitter by way of@ZARA_US, and the #DearAmerica and #ZARAShopOnline hashtags in order to keep its followers up to speed with enhanced customer service and frequent news updates about the store.  

Until the store opens at midnight, Zara's facebook page has a cordial invitation to preview the site at 6pm EST on Tuesday, September 6.   Sign up, it's worth it! 




For more information about Zara launching their first US online store, or if you have any questions, please contact