As you know, the brand, alice + olivia is loved by lots of women around the world.

Although it hasn't been a decade yet since the founder, Stacey Bendet launched it, her products had been increasingly attracted ladies. And now, "a +o" would be also noted in the wishing lists of little ladies and the fashion icons say, Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, and Taylor Swift.

So, I guess it is hardly necessary to talk about the new collection. What I recommend to you is adding the keyword, "kimono" in your list. Today, Japanese traditonal outfits, kimonos aren't wore by not so much peole and may have become outfits worn only where for special events in spite of it have a long history.

But the new style which is created by the trendy designer, Stacey Bendet and has both original and beautiful patterns is your sight now.

Carlita kimono dress $368, Hyde embellished kimono $396, Hadley long kimono dress $440, Hayley long kimono dress $440, Brighton crop beaded sleeve kimono $264

Enjoy your new style!