What's going in the streets of Paris at the moment?
It is not unusual to find foreigners with trendy look! Here is a little mix of Parisian people in their daily life.

Fashion, a family history? Here Johanna and Angela with their mother Sonia.

Sonia wears a MANOUSH coat and JONAK shoes. 

Angela wears an AMERICAN RETRO coat, MI-MAi shoes, and H&M hat.

 Johanna wears a ZARA sweater and FRIIS shoes 



Julia wears trousers printed ANDREA CREWS
a VOLCOM jacket and a Prada bag




Jade wears a EPISODE jacket customized by adding it to the fur, 

Zara blouse, CHEAP MONDAY pant , SECOND HAND shoes, a hat from her boyfriend 

and Yves St Laurent and ASOS rings.



Sometimes, fashion began at an early age. I met Tess when I walked in the Marais, how couldn't I  adore this mini fashionista?

Tess wears a SECOND HAND coat, a second hand hat, a LAFAYETTE shoes and GAP bag.




Elsa & Victor Rock!

Elsa wears a EPISODE jacket, JONAK shoes, SECOND HAND short and TOPSHOP bag.

Victor Wears a ACNE jacket, ZARA pants and HOPE bag.




Stephane wears a BURBERRY-VINTAGE coat, a JACK WILLS t shirt, a CHEAP MONDAY pants and

VINTAGE shoes.




Photography by Matthieu Soudet ->