I guess you've already bought new clothes for new season. But don't you forget to get to get important items? Yes, SHOES. You must make a difficult choice now. There're two types of shoes I really recommend. "Oxford shoes" and "Wedge soles". First, if you take Oxford shoes, pick out your pants. With fashionable glasses, you'll be like Annie of the movie "Annie hall". But it's the key not to be like a man too much. Red lipsticks, shoulder bags, lace socks're necessary.

Taupe Suede & Ivory Patent Leather

Tizer shoes

Julietta lace oxford

Fred Flat

Two-tone lace-up's

Lace-up patent oxford


Next, if you take wedge soles, the point attacts a great deal of people's attention must be your feet. Lots of fashionable people have wedge soles now. You'll be an weman in the street if you just wear wedge soles. To make much difference you have to arrange your look. Loud designed socks(like animal printed, dots printed, flower printed, border printed) go well with simple designed wedge soles. If you get tired of watching people who put wedge soles just because wedge soles're hot, try unique designed shoes boldly. Flare shorts, white shirts, long denim skirts keep your claasy look.



Margot wedge sandals - blue ryu

Natural Seville Wedge

Java black suede peep toe platform wedges

Exotic Espadrille

Blue Gingham & Navy & Taupe Floral*

Space Wedge Wood

Tan 3D flower wedge