Let’s farewell to  the heavier, darker looks and welcome the bright colours, light fabrics and energetic yet sexier looks. BOLD COLOUR ,STRIPES, PATTERNS  ARE YOUR DRESS CODE FOR THIS SPRING:

COLOUR is seen as an instant mood lifter, a heavy dose of acidic neon can even brighten your whole day. Don’t be afraid to use colours in this Spring, it’s time to have some visual excitements, i.e. Royal blue + Bloody red , Violet + Red orange…











Solids , bright or fluorescent STRIPES creates blocks of ultra graphic colours, which means not only about black and white stripes but also involve all colours that makes you look smart and fun.













When we talk about PATTERNS, polka dots is something that cannot be overlooked. Polka dot is about dots in same size , same colour , each dot place in same distance of each other and side by side. It is not only cute but also sophisticated, see Moschino













Besides Polka dots , floral print is always refreshing your mind when first arrival of Spring, seem like that you can even smell the flowers from the print. It is a never outdated element in spring.












What’s more? Leopard was popular in Fall / Winter 10 , Yves Saint Laurent , Dolce & Gabbana & Roberto Cavalli did a wonderful job. For this Spring , Leopard is still alive and awaiting to WOW us again , besides the rather traditional brown & black leopard print we have seen in last season, Blumarine decided to change it  to pastel and colourful leopard pattern , you can feel the air is full of romance and softness when you look at them.









Of course , there are also some quirky patterns, like bananas & monkeys from Prada , Geometric by Gareth Pugh , various kinds of fruit by Stella McCartney...etc. Designers always do something out of your mind.