Lara Stone

Lara Stone, maybe made you reconsider about your gap teeth, or maybe not. Generally, opinions differ about how aesthetic and elegant is gap teeth.

I believe that you have to love your body, especially, your flaws. You have to accept your uniqueness and your specificity. Don't forget that what we believe about ourselves reflects outwardly.

I would like to make it clear that many models like Lara Stone, Abbey Lee, Ashley Smith, Jessica Hart are famous not because of their gap teeth but because they have shown us, how much they love their gap teeth. For example Lara Stone has said:"I wear red lipstick when I go out to show of my teeth.", so, why you can't?

As you can understand, beauty is something that first of all, comes out from our souls. There are a lot of people out there, who have the best teeth in the world, straight and white, but they don't think themselves beautiful and that's why they aren't.

Extra Info: Many people go to dentist just to create a gap between their teeth.But you already have it.

Who is the winner?

Go out and show your biggest smile,ever!