Triumph celebrates 125 years of unique comfort, imagination and elegance in underwear. Of course, as soon as, behind every miracle there is a woman, thus, behind Triumph there are all the women of the world.

So, Triumph gives the opportunity in some fashion designers,to design a set of underwear and participate in "Triumph Inspiration Award". Greek fashion designers, from AKTO, will also participate in the competition. 

Russia, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia are some of the countries which are going to participate. Winner of each country takes the ticket for the Grand Final in Berlin, in July 2011.

More specifically,contestants are inspired by the complexity of woman's personality and her effort throughout centuries to be independent,dyand stay elegant.

That’s why, Triumph make it clear that they need something to enhance woman’s femininity and confidence.

Grand Final Prizes: 

#1 The prize that Triumph offers the winner of this Award will give his or her career an outstanding boost. There is a lot to learn between creating a showpiece and developing it into a piece to be commercially sold. So Triumph will invite the winner to meet their international design team.The winner will work with them on adapting their showpiece to turn it into a commercial garment that will be produced in a limited edition and sold in Triumph stores and selected department stores worldwide, complete with hangtags featuring the winner's name and design concept.Women all over the world will be able to wear and enjoy the winner´s commercial design. On top of this, the winner will also receive € 15,000 prize money.

#2 The talented student in second place is awarded a €10,000 cash prize.

#3 The third place student receives a cash prize of €5,000.