"GRIZZLY BEAR" SPIRITHOOD $129Inspired by the “Snowpocolypse,” happening outside of my window at the moment, I thought I would introduce you to a wild new winter accessory that is taking Hollywood, and our hearts, by storm.  


SpiritHood is a faux fur hood inspired by an array of different animals, designed for men, women and children.  Manufactured out of Los Angeles, SpiritHood claims that this special accessory was designed to "represent this bond and the connection we have with our wild natures." This being said, the company reassures consumers and potential customers of their love for our "furry friends," by promising that there is no harm done to any animals in the process of manufacturing the SpiritHood because everything is created of faux fur; however, the item still looks andfeels like real fur.  

Another aspect that sets the SpiritHood aside from any other is that each color/animal type represents different aspects of a personality.  For example, the "Husky," is representative of a personality that entails valor,"HUSKY" SPIRITHOOD $129victory and inner-strength. The "Leopard, represents a personality that is intelligent, free spirited, and a leader.  Thus, allowing each SpiritHood to be attributed to a specific type of person, causing anyone to form a special bond with the accessory.  Personality and accessory all wrapped into one incredible piece. 

In a statement provided on the company's website, SpiritHood also informs customers of their support in the conservation of our planet and animals. The company actively donates a portion of the proceeds to several non-profit organizations in order to help Wildlife Conservation in "Product Blue." This is a really cool concept because when purchasing a beautiful SpiritHood of your own, you are also supporting a great cause.  This is not unlike that of the union formed between fashion and philanthropy that is also supported by TOM's shoes.  

For more information on the inspiration behind the SpiritHood, Check out this interview with the Founder of SpiritHoods, Alexander Mendeluk."BROWN BEAR" HALF $69


As far as incorporating the SpiritHood into your wardrobe, check out this great how-to on the SpiritHood Blog




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