Thursday, December 9: the world's largest ZARA flagship store opened in Rome and it's totally ecological. Three years ago Inditex Group - Zara fashion distributor- decided to revolution the trade with  a special attention towards the environment. In Recent  years, Zara tried to reduce consumptions using only bio diesel  trucks to transport the goods, but now Index Group wants more!The new mega store, which covers about 5000 square meters divided into three  levels, it will become the reference point in the application of criteria for eco-sustainability.The aim of the project is 30% reduction in electricity  and 70%   reduction in water, but above all, a reduction of 200 tonnes of carbon emissions. 


The four identical facades feature three large arches on the lower floors and smaller arches on the upper floor. A double skin of perforated panels disguise the building's inner layout while still allowing natural daylight to filter through from all sides. At night, the store glows from the inside like a lantern to highlight the 'hung curtain' effect of the perforation, showing glimpses  of the interior movement to the people on the street. the double skin panels also serve as display aids, enabling the store to set up shelving and rods without the need of an inflexible additive system.


  Well, If you're in Rome and you want to breathe clean air you should enter in this giant Zara Store!