They're everywhere you look on the high street and the catwalk, they're practical and reasonably priced and come in such a wide variety you could easily collect enough for every day of the week. Make room (you'll need it) for Icelandic jumpers and cardigans.

Last winter I was listening to a lot of Sigur Ros, which lead me to Google Icelandic jumpers (or as they call them lopapeysa), to wear while listening to Sigur Ros, because that's not weird or pathetic. I even fancied moving to Iceland, where I'd have to wear these jumpers or literally risk death. So this was enough of an excuse to get my lopapeysa ordered. I was a little shocked at the price, I don't know what I expected, but apparently they are water proof and are actually warm enough to wear outside on their own, in Iceland. Perhaps a bit much for our British winters then. 

This obsession was resolved cheaply a week or so later when I discovered a neat lambs wool jumper in H&M, which I wore to death. It wasn't incredibly warm, but it served well in the layers party. This year, you can't go in any clothing store without an abundant stock of Fairisle, which is absolutely amazing, finally, a warm fashion statement! 

I've also noticed a style of jumper drifting around the quirkier of us; vintage wouldn't-be-caught-dead-in jumpers. This is my current hobby, searching charity shops for 80's jumpers, alas I've only been successful twice so far, but they are beauties. I personally prefer the beaded chest styles, but others who wish to make a bolder statement may opt more for the knit-by-gran landscape or galloping horse.  

Here are my charity shop jumper finds:



So let winter do it's worst, we're cozy and prepared!