Fall is a time of change, not only for the leaves on trees, but also for the world of fashion.  Trends come and go, but this year in particular has brought out some goodies that stand out in my eyes.  All over California, people are using new trends in order to tie together the perfect look for a casual stroll through the park on a cool day or for a fun night out with a group of friends.  Here are some of my favorite fall trends this year: 

Socks with boots- This is a perfect way to tie together a casual look, along with adding a little kick to it.  It's also great because it works with any style of boot, so it works for all senses of fashion.  My personal favorite?  Combat boots, which are another trend that I am happy to see back.


Patterned tights- An excellent way to turn your favorite summer outfits into a cute, but warmer, fall look!  They are excellent for spicing up a day outfit or dressing down a nice dress.  Personally, I think the more pattern you get, the cuter they look.  Try it out!

Oversized beanies- With fall fashion comes fall weather, creating more shivers.  With this new trend, you can be warm without ruining an outfit.  I believe they look best when partnered with a simple t-shirt and jeans comination, or they can dress down a cute dress paired with a pair of patterned leggings.


Flannels- A comfy way to stay warm, along with staying trendy.  With colder temperatures, I find it best to wear a thin hoodie under a flannel which also creates more style.  Recently, long flannels have been seen in combination with a sweet pair of leggings or tights.

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