Brandon Spratt has been life coaching since he was in high school even before he knew what that term even meant. Being an empath, Brandon has an innate instinct to feel others perspectives in a way that are truly unconditional and compassionate. Throughout his life he has been a seeker to learn about his own self as well as our place in the larger cosmos. A natural born philosopher and trained yoga and meditation teacher, his approach to support his clients is unique. This unique approach is based on utilizing spiritual practices from many backgrounds and traditions (yoga, shamanism, pranayama, mantra, kundalini, reiki, crystals and Ayurveda) to support his clients in the ways that will be needed specific to them.


All these modalities are designed to help YOU find your TRUE PURPOSE and awaken to their spirit - a humble, safe space within ourselves that is always at peace, without anxiety, pain, trauma or depression. A place that is whole and can forgive, let go and focus on manifesting and co-creating a reality that benefits themselves and those around them. All of these modalities are really the same at their core - they are tools to clear the subconscious mind - the storehouse of all our unconscious programming. Once we clear this inner psychological and emotional “body”, life will transform, gratitude and appreciation for life becomes effortless and your path unfolds with excitement, drive, motivation and inspiration.


It takes some effort, as all great things in life require some initiation and effort and Brandon will be there to root you on and help you focus on your goals, dreams and your soul’s desires. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if you and Brandon are a match.

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