Tattoo artist, Jayvo Scott, sits down with Inspirer


We had the opportunity to work with Jayvo Scott, artist from Ink Doktors. Ink Doktors is a  family owned tattoo and piercing shop in Melbourne, Florida, and is definitely one of the most warming tattoo shops that we've had the honor to work with. You walk in and immediately feel as if you are encountering a family get together, very comfortable and just be ready to have a good time. 


What do you feel is different about your tattoo style than just any other tattoo artist? 

"My approach to tattooing  is more of a newer style as opposed to traditional tattooing. I use the fundamentals that I have been taught but try to tweak everything and add my own flair to it. I refer to many different things including other artists work and when doing realism I try to stick to the image as much as possible.  For any artist reference materials are a great asset, however once I look at a reference I put it away while I create my artwork so that it doesn't have a huge affect on what I am producing. This way it's my creation instead of a copy of another artists vision. I love to get as much input from the client as possible so that it is their vision that they get tattooed, just my rendering of it."

Do you have any artists that inspire you? 

"There are many artists that inspire me. It would take too much time to name them all, but I will list my two biggest inspirations in the tattoo world. First and foremost is my father, whom without I would not be where I am today. Thank you Dad I love you! He brought me into the business at a young age and showed me the way. Second would be my wife, no matter what she always has my back, and constantly pushes me to be the best that I can. But what is most inspiring to me about her is that she is never afraid to tell me the truth! If something I draw doesn't look right, she lets me know and constructively gives me criticism that I need to be able to grow as an artist."

As a kid, having a dad that was a tattoo artist, did you automatically want to follow his path or did you want to do something different?

"At first I wanted nothing to do with the tattoo industry because I always wanted to be an actor. Eventually, tattooing peaked my interest and I began to learn more and more. Today I am very proud because I am a successful tattoo artist as well as a professional actor who has appeared in many films and even on national episodic television. So I got to have both of my dreams come true."

What was the worst tattoo experience you've encountered? 

"The worst tattoo experience while I was tattooing was when I had a woman reach back and grab my hand that was holding the tattoo machine. She said it hurt so in stead of asking for a break she grabbed me and risked me screwing up her tattoo. I got pretty mad and left the room so I could cool out for a minute. I came back and explained to her to gravity of the situation and how she should never do that. She apologized and we finished the tattoo. That was one to remember."

What was the first tattoo you had ever done? At what age?

"The first tattoo I ever did was a tribal piece. My father was talking to the person about the tattoo and then brought them over to me and said here you go Jay, give her a tattoo. It was scary as hell. She new I was apprenticing and the fee was very nominal but it scared the crap out of me. I was around 23 at the time."

How can you get booked in with Jayvo Scott?  

Ink Doktors Tattoo Studio

791 N Harbor City Blvd,  

Melbourne, FL, 32935


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Instagram:   @jayvoscott @inkdoktors

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