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Over the last decade, Avril Lavigne has seen quite a variety of fame and success between her career as not only a successful and well known musician, but also as an actress on occasion.  Quite obviously, she is better known for her solo artist career.  With hits such as “Don’t Tell Me”, which hit the #1 spot on billboards in Argentina and Mexico along with a top five spot in the UK and Canada, and “Complicated”, which landed the #2 spot in US billboards, Avril Lavigne is not only talented but also clearly recognized as an idol world wide.  After a three year break since the release of her last record The Best Damn Thing, Avril will debut her new album tomorrow (3/8/11) titled Goodbye Lullaby.  Will this get Avril back to her popular pop punk/rock sound?  Many fans are hoping so, however since the release of her first single “What The Hell” from the album, it is apparent that her sound has changed for good.  Revolving her style around a more pop related sound, Avril releases this new record filled with positive lyrics and fast paced beats to show fans that she is a versatile artist.  Rather than being bitter that our “Sk8er Boi” Avril is gone, take a listen to Goodbye Lullaby and see the amount of talent she truly possesses!

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