The Dirty Jacks - Single "Kill The Lights"

The Dirty Jacks have released their new single “Kill The Lights”, which they would describe as “as a song about teen angst and the roller coaster of emotions you feel when finding love; as fun and exhilarating as the journey can be, it inevitably comes to an end - a night of passion can quickly fade away as the sun rises.”

The single gives us a sense of a more alternative version of Oasis, at the same time a sense of Minus The Bear, which we find to be quite complimentary to the music industry. Although they may remind you of some of your favorite artists, they also are completely unique with the different sense of style they carry with the vocalist.

The Dirty Jacks released their debut album Rufus in July, 2011. The album was received well by fans and includes their hit singles "Sweet Chesapeake" and "Cigarette Break." The album was recorded and released through local studio Rock Hard Records. In October, 2011, The Dirty Jacks signed with Nick Fitz Management Group. They are currently working on their second album while touring the east coast.

We recommend you to take a look into these guys!