Album Review: Usher's Looking For Myself

There are few musicians that last for quite some time in the industry, but R&B artist Usher is proving to be one of those few. The hardest part for artists to last a while in the industry is how quickly music changes over time and whether or not they can adapt to the new style while still being themselves and maintaining their fans. Usher has been doing this since his 15th birthday when his very first single, "Call Me a Mack," from the movie soundtrack for Poetic Justice hit the R&B charts in 1993. Gaining fans, showing off his dance moves, and gradually moving along with the music has been his speciality. 

On June 12, his seventh studio album, Looking For Myself, will hit stores. 

Every song on this album is sure to surprise you. Although the album is so different from his last release, Raymond V. Raymond, it's similar in so many ways.

The album starts out with "Can't Stop, Won't Stop", which is sure to be a hit in the clubs for the next few months. However, not all of the songs are club songs, "Dive" (track 8) is the first slow song on the album. Once you get to "Looking For Myself" the songs start picking up pace again.

With catchy, mostly upbeat songs and features of artists like Rick Ross, Pharell, Luke Steele, Usher has yet again left us with a powerful album, that I guarentee will stay on your top rotation at least through the end of summer.

Favorite songs: Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Scream, Lemme See

Overall Rating: 4/5