Album Review: Justin Bieber's Believe

Teen heart throb Justin Bieber has been dropping singles from Believe almost weekly for the last month or so, and now that the album is out fans are going crazy. Many stores had lines starting June 18th for the 19th release date of this album.

The album shows just how much Bieber has grown since his first album, My World. His music has grown from the teen love songs that he has recently released. Instead, the songs on this album, a mixture of upbeat and slower songs, are are quite more mature than what we might have expected. Speaking of which, do you remember the girl who claimed to be pregant by Bieber? Well, he may have gotten some negative press for that, but he's turned it into song! The next to last song, "Maria", is about the girl who made those allegations. 

Also, with featuring artists of Ludacris, Big Sean, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Jaden Smith, it seems as if Bieber is stepping away from the pop scene just a little. 

Favorite songs: Boyfriend, Right Here, Out of Town Girl

Overall Rating: 4/5